Androise Neruri

Fir'nae's Contact in the Dark Brotherhood


Androise Neruri is a mysterious man, to say the least. He seems to be, to the average person, the manager of a small inn, The Darkmoon Inn, to be precise. Whilst seeming slightly unnerving to the average person, he is still nothing special.

Those who know of his true nature are much more observant of him.

Androise is a high-ranking member of the Dark Brotherhood, an elite family of assassins, who can perform any hit (Absolutely any), for the right price, or any other covert mission required. As such, Androise is located in the Darkmoon Inn, where he runs a secure boarding house (For lack of a better term) for Dark Brotherhood members and their accomplices. To those not in the know, they are simply patrons; People who have a long-term stay at the Inn. From secret rooms beneath the Inn, he keeps his Brothers and Sisters safe and hidden, to the point where even other Brotherhood members do not know who is located there; and on many occasions, those hidden are unaware of their Brothers and Sisters presence. Androise has many talents that make him a valuable asset to the Brotherhood, from his knowledge of the Arcane, to his vast source of contacts gathered throughout his time in Arkhosia. Androise appears to know Fir’nae (And obviously vice-versa), although how they do so is unknown. Perhaps someday, this information shall come to light…

Androise Neruri

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