Erdan Llothian

An elf of two sides, a legitimate businessman, and a bitter slaver...


Erdan was raised as the heir to the Llothian family, a wealthy group of Elven merchants. At the age of 26, both his parents were taken prisoner, kidnapped by a group of slave merchants. The young Erdan was enraged, and took off after the slavers with a number of faithful warriors. After a short battle, his allies were slain, and Erdan was brought before the leader of the slavers. Surprisingly, Erdan was not shackled, as he thought he would be, but given an offer – If he were to aid these slavers in their business, then they would track down the people to whom his parents were sold to, and Erdan could even make a profit from his help.

For the next twenty years, Erdan worked with these slavers, living a double life, as he helped them grow their business, making untold profits, but still following his own family traditions and running an honest business elsewhere. He grew in power as a legitimate and trustworthy businessman, and gained much infamy amongst the black market as a ruthless and exploitative slaver.

During his 48th year alive, Erdan was contacted by his slaver allies – They had finally tracked down his parents. Erdan raced to the location he had been given, desperate to finally reunite with his family.

This happened to be the same year as the infamous Fall of Arkhosia.

When Erdan arrived at the address at Northern Arkhosia, he discovered he was too late – Some unknown force had decimated the surrounding area, the same force that would go on to nearly destroy Arkhosia itself. Of his parents, there was no sign – Indeed, there were no signs of life for miles around, other than Erdan.

Bitter and enraged, Erdan hired out a great number of mercenaries after the Fall, and turned upon who were once his allies and business partners, and had them killed to the last man, replacing them with individuals under his own control. However, even with this, he did not feel content. Revenge, he realised, had been taken on those who had tried and failed. An injustice fueled by a short-lived emotion, and now, he had destroyed all those who knew him, now alone in a dark and cruel world.

For the next fifty years, Erdan rebuilt both his legitimate and slavery empires after they were damaged during the fall. Within recent years, his expanding business has attracted the eye of the Dark Brotherhood, who seeks his downfall, in the name of restoring some kind of peace to the realms. The assassin Fir’nae, with the aid of his companions, infiltrated Erdan’s manor in Arkhosia, and managed to put an end to the slaver’s life. Hopefully, Erdan found peace in death…

Erdan Llothian

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