Erik, Servant Of Dorseain

A ghoul worshiper who attempted to devour Fir'Nae


Erik was a strange hermit who lived within the caverns beneath Arkhosia, occupying one of the long-forgotten “safehouses” once owned by noble families from before the fall. When Fir’nae and Vozerlet discovered him, it was with him standing over a skeleton, claiming that “I search… For meat.”. After sharing with him a small meal, Erik kindly lead the pair back to the safehouse where he was living. Once inside, he implored the two to “Make yourselves at home.”, before he quickly disappeared down a staircase.

Out of curiosity, Fir’nae followed him, discovering numerous secret doors, disturbing amounts of bloodstains, and eventually, a secret passageway; Unfortunately, this passageway led to him falling onto a Sign Of Transfixion, leaving him helpless. He was dragged onto an altar, where Erik would have sacrificed him to Doresain. Thankfully, Fir’nae snapped out of the magical ailment, and managed to stab Erik, killing him before he could complete his ritual.

Who Erik was before he was encountered by the Fir’nae and Vozerlet is to be guessed at; As he was living in the safehouse, he could be thought to be a servant of the family who lived there, as he claimed. As he also tried to kill Fir’nae, it is unlikely he tells the truth. There was one clue as to what he was, however, discovered by Vozerlet. A secret chamber, little more than a hollowed-out section of rock, was occupied by the remains of a small family, who apparantly met their end within there. There were claw and tooth marks on their remains…

Erik, Servant Of Dorseain

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