Kairon "The Black" Bithia

A ruthless bounty hunter turned arms dealer


Kairon is one of the most notorious criminals within Arkhosia, without question. He spent much of his younger years working with his parents, both of whom were overzealous bounty hunters, and learned much of his trade from them. He accompanied them on hundreds of hunts, and is thought to have been actively pursuing contracts, often on his own, before his fifteenth birthday.

When he reached adulthood, he went completely independent from his parents, and over the next few years, made a name for himself as an efficient, if not somewhat brutal killer. His style of killing is one of improvisation, preferring to make the hit look like a horrific accident, although he isn’t above putting his daggers to use if something goes wrong. Those investigating these bizarre accidents often wind up victim to a random mugging turned lethal, or meeting their end from something as mundane as tripping down a staircase.

Within recent years, Kairon has made several allies in the black market, and intends on using his unique skill set in order to make even more money for himself and his family, through the trade of experimental magick items – Ones often as dangerous to the wielder as the person it is pointed at.

Whilst making a deal with Erdan Llothian, in an attempt for further profit, Fir’nae put an end to the elf’s life before it could go through. The Four reluctantly spared Kairon, hoping that they could put his contacts within the black market to good use, or if that failed, putting his ability to procure certain items to the test, although not a one of the group trusts the tiefling one ounce.

Kairon "The Black" Bithia

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