Kalarel, Acolyte Of The Black Hand

A foul mage in service to a mysterious cult


“The will of the gods is naught without a physical presence – This is where I enter.”

Little is known regarding who Kalarel was before his transformation into a cult leader. There are no records of a Kalarel living within Arkhosia within recent years, such is the power of the name now associated with a treacherous general from the Last Days. What we do know of him is based upon the present, not the past.

Kalarel is said to be of Elven descent, standing close to 6” tall, with dull, greying hair and cold blue eyes. His skin is pale and blotchy from the many years it is assumed he spent underground, although one cannot help but see a hint of deadness within his flesh. He wore a plain black robe, the better to perform his duties as a cult leader, as he would put it, but beneath those robes lie a suit of chainmail, just in case one of his followers should think to try to take his place.

His cult, the so-called “Black Hand” is said to be dedicated to five dieties, all of whom malign. Kalarel often spoke of himself as “An instrument of the hand”, no doubt refering to his status as cult leader. Their motives were unclear, as all they were known to have done were to partake in several raids, kidnapping several persons.

Mercifully, Kalarel met his end at the hands of the The Four, more specifically, Vozerlet, Fir’nae and their companion Quinn, with Fir’nae claiming their foe’s last breath for the second adventure in a row. As the Black Hand’s leader has fallen, no doubt the cult is no more also. Long may he rest, yet his rest could not have come soon enough.

Kalarel, Acolyte Of The Black Hand

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