Mika Stout


Mika Stout grew up in a relatively well-to-do family, as the only daughter of a well-known warrior and tutor in the arts of war, Gregor Stout. She spent much of her early life following the family traditions of military excellence, along with her two brothers, and it seemed she was bound to help continue the family business, as she often matched or even exceeded her brothers in their training. It was, however, not to be.

Some weeks before her seventeenth birthday, the Stout family received word that Gregor had been killed in a raid upon Arkhosia by unknown forces from within the ruined sectors of the city itself. The family, although able to survive for a short while off of various benefactors (Often those who had been tutored by Gregor) and their own personal funds, their financial situation was looking dire. As the youngest child in the family, Mika’s mother decided that she would be married off to a noble family in an attempt to bring in a source of funds.

Mika, needless to say, was utterly incensed at her mother’s decisions. Before the year was over, she would be married to Erstan Duraz, the son of a Dwarven nobleman. Over the next few months, Mika was kept as a guest in the Duraz estate, although she attempted escape no less than fifteen times. She held nothing but resentment for the noble family, who wanted her to be a mere courtesan – Far less than her warrior ancestors and father would have wanted. Eventually, with the help of a few other bored courtesans, Mika escaped days before her arranged marriage.

Whilst wandering through Northern Arkhosia, Mika eventually discovered (and forced her way into) a bandit camp, demanding to be given food and shelter. Impressed at her sheer audacity and brute strength, the then-leader of the group offered her a place amongst them, along with food and shelter. Mika graciously accepted, and for the next few years, slowly worked her way up the rankings (if one could call them rankings) of the organisation. After the accidental demise of the previous leader, Mika seized control of the group, and began a slow war against the Duraz family.

Recently, Mika managed to strike a fierce blow against the Duraz family, and kidnapped their youngest daughter whilst she was returning from a visit to Arkhosia. She planned to sell her valuable captive to Erdan Llothian, a wealthy slaver, forever banishing one of the Duraz to a lifetime of suffering and servitude as she feels they would have banished her…

However, thanks to the actions of the Four, her captive was freed (and hopefully made it out alive; The heroes never checked), the slaver Erdan was stopped, and now, Mika owes her life to the group, who spared her from sharing Erdan’s fate. Whether the bandit queen will repay her debts is something only time will tell.

Mika Stout

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