Quinn Torak

A Semi-Mysterious man with one hell of a sword


Quinn Torak was found by the heroes unconsious, hiding from ghouls in the caverns beneath Arkhosia. Little is currently known about him, although it is assumed that he is linked to the noble houses that once used to rule Arkhosia in the days before it’s collapse. If he is to be believed, then a journal found by Fir’Nae provides some background infomation on him – Namely, that he grew up in a “Safehouse” underground, but whilst under there, his family, like many of the persons who led lives in the caverns, turned to cannibalism when food ran short. Quinn, however, refused to eat other people, and when his family was attacked and killed by beasts, he escaped before they rose as Ghouls, armed only with an ancestral sword, and his suit of armour.

When he met the heroes, he had nearly been overcome by Ghouls, only saved by the loud noises caused (Inadvertantly) by the heroes, as they fought further along in the caverns. Quinn took refuge in an abandoned guard outpost, and fell unconsious whilst trying to recover. Fir’Nae closed the worst of his wounds, and woke him back up, where he agreed to help Fir’Nae and Roger (Or “The Dynamic Tax Team” as he knows them) escape the tunnels, and get back to civilisation safely. Upon meeting Vozerlet he was taken back by the drunken greeting in draconic where the only distinguishable word was “Chip.”

It is uncertain as to where Quinn’s loyalties lie, for now…

Quinn Torak

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