The Grey Hunter

Cloaked in metal, striking down those before him

  • Height: 6"8’
  • Weight: 186Lb
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Green

The Grey Hunter’s name, identity, and indeed, most of who he is and was is lost to time. Some claim that he is some form of myth, that he does not exist. Those who have encountered him (And lived) say that he seemed to be some form of immortal being. Others believe that “The Grey Hunter” is not a man, but a title; Something passed down from one Grey Hunter to the next.

Of the tales surrounding The Grey Hunter, several key details stand out from a mixture of confused nonsense and fabrications. The Grey Hunter always appears as a Human man, of exceptional stature and build, towering above normal people. He rides a mighty warhorse, Lothreen, who is said to never tire, and can race through time and dimensions with unearthly ease. How he brings death to his foes, however, often changes – There are tales of him bringing hope to millions through songs, scouring entire legions of darkness with magical powers, striking out of the shadows to deadly effect, and far more besides. His sense of justice and valour are second to none, an essence he inspires in those around him. However, no matter how powerful he may be, it is with a band of heroes that he grants his powers to, who then go forth and become legends themselves. It is the main topic of debate for many a scholar as to the true nature of the Grey Hunter, and one that shall probably never be answered conclusively.

When the Heroes first encountered him, it was in the caverns beneath Arkhosia where they encountered many foes, from Erik, the Doresain worshipper, to Kalarel, leader of a mysterious cult. They sparred with him, as he tested their might and worth, and blessed them with a mighty shield, capable of being flung through the air like a shuriken, yet far, far more dangerous than such a simple weapon. The shield he granted, although no-doubt helping significantly in the Heroes quest, is a sign of far worse things, for as previously mentioned, the Grey Hunter emerges only in times of direst need; There is no doubt that his renewed presence can only hint at far worse things than ghoul infestations to come…

The Grey Hunter

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