Tiiraz, The Dark Prince

The Dark Prince, The Lord Of Pleasure


The Commands Of Tiiraz

S/He teaches his/her followers thus -

  • Let nothing stand between you and the things you desire. Only by obtaining true delights can one truly live, yet the hardships undertaken to get to these things make obtaining your desire all the better.
  • All sensation, whether it be pain or pleasure, is an experience to be relished. Fear not pain, but do not become obsessed with just pleasure – All is to be enjoyed equally.
  • Do not stand for things being drab and boring. Liven up your life at any opportunity, from singing during your work, to painting an abstract picture – Make life the most entertaining thing you can for you, those around you, and your Dark Prince.

Known as “The Prince Of Pleasure”, “The Dark Prince”, and other such titles to his followers, Tiiraz is, at it’s very essence, a god of love, lust, hatred, desire, and other intense emotions. Represented as an amazingly beautiful (And both male and female) figure, Tiiraz is worshiped by a surprising number of persons, all of whom wish to be accepted into his realm of beauty and pleasure when their mortal life ends. As such, Tiiraz is surprisingly popular with practically any person from any walk of life – All from a common beggar to a noble heir find themselves drawn to the idea of an everlasting afterlife of satisfaction. Tiiraz is also a god of music, dance, and other recreational activities. Yet for all of it’s compassion and love, Tiiraz has also a darker nature, of unleashed emotions and dark fantasies, best exemplified by his Angels. His Holy Symbol shows several phases of the moon (Full, Waning and Crescent), to represent the steady fulfillment of the heart’s wishes.

Tiiraz, The Dark Prince

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