Varis & Adrik

Two Employees of The Darkmoon Workshop And Magical Item Store


Varis and Adrik are two ordinary employees of the very convieniently situated Darkmoon Workshop & Magical Items Store (Situated next to the Darkmoon Inn, where the heroes stay); Varis working the counter, and Adrik… Doing seemingly everything else.

Varis is, as his name suggests, of Elven descent, whereas Adrik is dwarven. Varis has a bad habit of saying words such as “Hmm, yeah, right, huh” and so on throughout his sentances, seemingly whilst his mind comes up with the rest of whatever sentance he is in the middle of. Adrik constantly mutters furiously to himself in dwarven, occasionally speaking coherent common to the tune of “I’ll show you bloody bastards” and such to absolutely any comment made toward him – Most likely why he is not in a position where he gets to interact with any potential customers.

As many of the services and items within the store are required as and when customers need them, much of the stock is unpriced – haggling is something often done by Varis, who hastily sets prices he thinks would be appropriate to whatever is nessecary. All physical work (Such as crafting, forging, and so on) is handled by Adrik, who is scarily fast at performing the task at hand; He silvered Fir’nae’s kukuri blade in a matter of seconds. How he does so is unknown, as none seem to pay attention to what goes on at his forge.

Strangely enough, the two seem to be in employ of Androise; A member of the Dark Brotherhood. As such, it is open to interpretation who this unlikely duo truly is…

Varis & Adrik

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