Flaming Poisoned Javelin Of Doom

Exactly what it says on the tin

weapon (ranged)

If you can’t kill it, kill it with fire. And poison. And anything else you happen to find of note. Thus is the concept behind the Flaming Poisoned Javelins of Doom. First put together by Roger, these slightly absurd javelins are a perfect way to kill in a mildly eccentric manner, whilst still being effective.

Crafting Requirements

  • 1 x Absorbant Material (E.g., Cloth)
  • Shot of Flammable Liquid (E.g., 1/5 of a Bottle of Rum)
  • 1 x Javelin
  • 1 x Dose of Poison

Coat the spear-head of the javelin in poison. Dip the absorbant material in some form of flammable liquid, then wrap it around the base of the javelin’s spear-head. Light the absorbant material, hurl at target, and laugh as they catch fire whilst being poisoned.

Weapon Proficiency Bonus Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
FP.JoD +2 1d6+Str Psn/Fire 10/20 N/A 2 Lb Spear Heavy Thrown, Ongoing 5 Fire and Poison (Save Individually)

Flaming Poisoned Javelin Of Doom

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