Molotov Cocktail


weapon (ranged)

Never mess with a man with a bottle of alchohol. Thus is the lesson learnt by those who find themselves opposing Vozerlet, the notorious drunken dragonborn. A simple creation, made from little more than a container of some alchohol (Although other flammable substances could work) lit and hurled at the foe, the Molotov Cocktail has been put to use since the contract to put down the Goblin King, and has an almost guaranteed hilarious effect.

Crafting Requirements

  • 1 x Alchohol in container (Could be as small as a bottle, or even as large as a keg – The only limit is the amount of alchohol and suitable storage object)
  • 1 x Length of burnable material (Eg., a cloth)

Stick the burnable material in the only open hole in the container, light, and get it near a foe (Most often by throwing it). Savour the sounds and distinctive tangy smell of burning enemies – Goes great with steak.

Weapon Proficiency Bonus Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Molotov N/A See Below Depends N/A Depends Alchohol One Shot, Burst 1
Special Stuff
  • Attack Roll = Lvl+(Based off size of molotov used) Vs. Fort
  • Hit – 1d6 Fire with Ongoing 5 Fire (Save Ends)
  • Miss – Half Damage, No Ongoing
  • Attack Area Based off of amount of Alchohol Used.
    • Bottle, Small – Burst 1 (+1 To Hit)
    • Bottle, Large – Burst 1 (+2 To Hit)
    • Jug, Small – Burst 1 (+3 To Hit)
    • Jug, Large – Burst 2 (+4 To Hit)
    • Keg – Burst 2 (+5 To Hit)
    • Casket, Small (+6 To Hit)
    • Casket, Medium – Burst 3 (+6 To Hit)
    • Casket, Large – Burst 4 (+7 To Hit)
    • Barrel, Small – Burst 4 (+7 To Hit)
    • Barrel, Medium – Burst 5 (+8 To Hit)
    • Barrel, Large – Burst 5 (+9 To Hit)
    • Tun – Burst 10 (+15 To Hit)
  • As the burning liquid spreads, it deals less damage. The outer ring takes 1d6, with each consecutive ring toward the centre taking an extra 1d6 damage.

Molotov Cocktail

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