Rare Columbian Wood Snake

Which is not at all Quinn's Sword.

weapon (melee)

Upon meeting new people, the first thing that often pops into Roger‘s head, is “How much stuff can I steal from them?”. The second thought is “How long can I get away with stealing from them?”, and the third is “To what extent will I lie in order to do so?”. Upon discovering Quinn’s unconsious form, Roger was quick to steal his sword. When Quinn woke up, he naturally wanted to know why Roger had his sword. Roger helpfully explained that it was not his sword, but in fact a Rare Columbian Wood Snake. Quinn was very cross that his sword had dissapeared, and took poor Roger’s Wood Snake away, and has been using it in place of his sword ever since.

Weapon Proficiency Bonus Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Rare Columbian Wood Snake +2 1d10+Str Melee 20Gp 4 Lb Heavy Blade Versatile

Rare Columbian Wood Snake

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