Tag: Vozerlet


  • Ankheg Hide Armour

    |Name|Base Armour Bonus|Fortitude Bonus|Reflex Bonus|Will Bonus|Enhancement|Weaknesses|Resistances| |*Ankheg Hide Armour*|+4|+1|0|0|+1|Vunerable 5 Fire|No Bonus| |Name|Base Armour Bonus|Fortitude Bonus|Reflex Bonus|Will Bonus|Enhancement|Weaknesses| …

  • Dinner Plates

    |+Weapon+|+Proficiency Bonus+|+Damage+|+Range+|+Price+|+Weight+|+Group+|+Properties+| |*Dinner Plate*|+1|1d4+Dex/Str|5/10|5 Silver|.5 Lb|Household|Light/Heavy Thrown,Breaks on use|

  • Molotov Cocktail

    |+Weapon+|+Proficiency Bonus+|+Damage+|+Range+|+Price+|+Weight+|+Group+|+Properties+| |Molotov|N/A|See Below|Depends|N/A|Depends|Alchohol|One Shot, Burst 1| h5. Special Stuff * Attack Roll = Lvl+(Based off size of molotov used) Vs. Fort * Hit - …

  • Corpse Bombs

    Horrible creations concocted in the minds of [[:roger | Roger]] and [[:vozerlet | Vozerlet]], these walking explosions helped to disrupt the [[:the-goblin-king-of-arkhosia | Goblin King's]] lovely dinner party, and thoroughly dismembered quite a number of …