Angel Of Tiiraz

“Won’t you come dance with us?”

A question often posed to those who encounter Angels of Tiiraz

All gods have the ability to create Angels to serve them. These angels may take many forms, or, they may only appear as certain figures. Most deities prefer somewhat generic looking winged humanoids with no lower body, but the Prince Of Pleasure does not admire such drab form. Instead, his Angels are crafted in his image, containing but a fragment of his indescribable beauty and repulsiveness. These figures appear neither male nor female, with perfect yet genderless faces, and unblemished skin. Yet for all of their beauty, they have also claws in place of hands, and they stride about upon bird-like feet; Even their faces are but an expressionless mask. When the more powerful of the Angels of Tiiraz appear, they are cloaked in an aura that can twist an onlooker’s perspective of them into the object of their ultimate desire.

The Angels of Tiiraz appear under many strange circumstances. Sometimes, they are sent to “persuade” a person to an action they would be otherwise unwilling to take; At others, they appear to spread the word of Tiiraz through their dance and song, frolicking gaily about with incredible speed and grace. Yet, for all their beauty, grace and charm, the Angels of Tiiraz have an incredible ability for sheer ultraviolence. With but a flick of one of their claws, they can decapitate an adventurer with disturbing ease. Through the song which brought such joy and laughter, they can drive someone to madness, as they themselves are shown a portion of what it is to be a part of the Angel’s never-ending dance. No matter what deed his Angels commit, Tiiraz wishes nothing more than stylistic flair to be brought to all things. And thus, so it is that Angels of Tiiraz are never fully trusted, for who can tell what twisted motives lie behind their expressionless masks?

Angel Of Tiiraz

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