• Average Height: 7”8’
  • Average Weight: 230Kg
  • Brood Composition – 2 Adults, Unspecified (but large) number of Broodlings

The Ankheg is an insectoid beast that spends much of it’s life hunting, eating, and producing it’s hideous offspring. As a hunting beast, it utilises lightning raids against it’s prey, bursting up from beneath the ground, grabbing the nearest (And most delicious looking) target (preferably humanoid) in it’s huge jaws and mandibles, and carrying the screaming prey back down the tunnel through which the Ankheg came. Such behaviours make Ankheg’s a menace to civilised areas, especially if an Ankheg is aware that such an easy source of food exists close to its lair.

Ankhegs tend to dig huge, mazelike-networks of tunnels, through which it crawls with surprising speed and stealth to it’s prefered hunting grounds. Within these tunnels may be many different things – It is not unheard of for Goblin tribes to utlise these tunnels to travel swiftly from one area of the surface to another, although if an Ankheg happened to notice them within it’s tunnels, there would be little threat from those particular goblins to their intended victims.

Broodlings regularly scurry through these tunnel systems, often preying on injured, downed, or otherwise defenceless targets. Once one Broodling locates a source of food, it goes into a feeding frenzy, gnawing away at the source of food viciously, and dissolving away certain uneatable materials (One of the few it cannot get through are metals such as steel) with an acid it can secrete from its mouth. This acid has a distinctive odour, which attracts other nearby broodlings, which often swarm and engulf unwary travellers, dragging them to the ground where they are eaten alive. If an adventurer happened to run into an area of a tunnel where breastplates, swords, and other metal items are mysteriously lying around with no sign of their owners, there is a good chance that they just walked straight into an Ankheg broodling hunting ground.


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