“Don’t worry, it’s just a little bat!”

An unknown adventurer’s last words.

Individually, a single bat is no actual problem. Indeed, the age-old phrase “It’s more afraid of you than you are of it” comes into play when a single bat is to be dealt with. However, we are not talking about a single bat. What is feared (And understandably so) is when an entire swarm of bats decend, in numbers that could blot out the sun.

What drives bats to mass into such numbers is unknown, and is the source of discussion for several well-known (and often unpopular) scholars. what is known, however, it that the level of danger posed by bats grow significantly when they do group together in such numbers. They have even been known to sweep up unfortunate individuals in their numbers, as thousands of the winged mammals bite and claw into their victim. These people often meet one of two fates – To be never seen again, or to plummet to an untimely doom. To this end, it is suggested that some malevolent force drives these otherwise shy creatures to such ends. Some claim that these bats are actually driven by the collective consiousness of a group of Vampires. Others claim that they are infused with the unholy powers wrought by evil mages and clerics. However, whatever the true cause behind these creatures agression is, the method in dealing with such events remains the same – Either blast them with large-area weaponry, or run for your damned life.


Tales Of Arkhosia The_Unvisible_Man