Bloodthorn Vines

“Give me a moment; I just want to check for some rare herbs.”

Last coherent words of a victim of Bloodthorn Vines.

When one thinks of dangerous threats, generally, plants are not amongst those threats. Such foolish types will happily wander into untended, overgrown grasses without a care in the world. Inevitably, and especially within the ruins of Arkhosia, where no-one has been around to tend to grasses and such, many an adventurer meets an unfortunate end being caught by a Bloodthorn vine mass.

Generally appearing as a pale-looking mass of vines, the Bloodthorn vines often sit contentedly within an overgrown area, waiting until their next meal arrives. Although they can easily live upon photosynthesis alone, their preferred source of nutrition is the blood of living creatures – Hence the word “Blood” in their name. They snag unwary creatures, whether humanoid or otherwise, bind around them, and spear them with small, hollow thorns. It is through these that they draw blood, and can feast upon a single victim until they are literally drained dry of blood. As they do so, they take on a distinctive red hue, hence the notion of them being “Bloodthorn” vines. Someone can easily tell if they are in a Bloodthorn vine feeding ground by checking around for dried out corpses – These are sure signs of such creatures. Alternatively, it could be a sign of a far worse threat, but that is quite unlikely, mercifully.

However, as they are simply plants with a form of intelligence and ability to move (somewhat slowly), they come with all the disadvantages of plants; Without a constant source of nutrients, they will inevitably die out, should they be kept out of the sun or without fresh prey frequently. If encountered with these issues, unfortunately, a Bloodthorn vine shall simply crawl away, in search of a new feeding ground. Also, as they are plant creatures, they come with an unfortunate weakness to flames, as discovered by Roger. Sadly, once one does set them on fire, any who they should happen to spear with their thorns are not only drained of the vital fluids, but set on fire also, making such tactics as dangerous to the vine as it is to those who thought of burning the plant.

Bloodthorn Vines

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