Cave Troll

“They have a cave troll. Brilliant.”

A certain famous adventurer, on a quest to return a piece of unwanted jewellery

Cave Trolls are one of those kind of creatures – The ones which every adventurer worth his pay knows about, yet few have actually encountered, and came back out alive. Standing over twice the size of a human, Cave Trolls are little more than muscle with a mean streak. They have a bad habit of tearing down absolutely anything they come across, and devouring people whole whilst they’re at it. They may have a somewhat large girth, but that should not mean you should ever underestimate them – Many a foolish adventurer thought they stood a chance at outrunning one of these beasts, and became the next snack for one.

Trolls, because of their general lack of intelligence, have little in the way of a society of their own. They cannot comprehend much other than a smattering of Giant, making them perfect allies for actual Giants, to whom Cave Trolls feel a sort of family bond. Within these Giant societies, Trolls often live a happy and secluded life, away from anything that could harm them, until they take part in the inevitable raids, where they join the rest of their clan in mass slaughter and violence. However, for Trolls that cannot find a “Family”, an unhappy lifestyle awaits, more likely than not. Sometimes, a clan of Orks might stumble upon a Troll, and herald it as one of their strange Gods incarnate form; As Orks speak a form of Giant, the two often form a happy family of murder and pillaging, the Troll gaining armour, weapons, and anything else the Orks can make for their “God”, and the Orks get one hell of a fighter. However, if a clan of Ogres or Goblins were to discover the Troll, to name but two such creatures, the Troll often lives a life of captivity, chained up and beaten until its will is broken, and it lives a subservient life to it’s masters. If a Troll has a chance to escape, then it will often be the end of the clan who captured the Troll, as the brute flies into a blind rage, slaughtering all before it. These “Savage Cave Trolls” often wander about for years to come, still wearing the chains of servitude, and destroying all life and signs of life it discovers.

It is to this end that Cave Trolls can be one of the biggest (Quite literally) menaces to a civilised society possible; These brutes can rip buildings down, tear a man in two, and is generally tough enough to ignore any form of “Attacks” performed against it by any would-be hero. Inevitably, these would-be heroes find themselves eaten whole.

Cave Troll

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