Frog, Giant

“Beware of frogs? What kind of stupid sign is thaaarrrgh!(Splosh)” – Another Adventurer learns to respect frogs the hard way.

Frogs, as unassuming as a normal one is, is far more intimidating when one increases the size of it to the size of a large dog. They tend to live as ordinary frogs do, casually lying around, catching prey that comes near; However, the prey of the Giant Frog is not flies, but humanoids.

There are several main species of giant frog, but the one that the heroes encountered was the sporeback frog – A subspecies that has a variety of toxic mushrooms along it’s back, and it can produce clouds of spores to incapacitate it’s foes. These mushrooms, if collected, can be used in poison crafting, something that makes the hunting of Spore Frogs somewhat important to assassins, as when applied correctly, can be useful as an injested, airborne, or even as a blade coating poison. The Sporeback has a barb-coated tongue, which it uses to drag stunned prey to it’s awaiting jaws, filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth. If the prey struggles, then the Sporeback can simply hide underwater and drag it’s prey underwater, also into it’s mouth, where they shall remain until they inevitably drown.

Despite their dangerous nature, Giant Frogs tend to pose little threat to intelligent persons and creatures who are aware of their presence – The placement of warning signs, sadly, whilst seeming like a good idea, is often ignored by foolhardy types, who often stride straight into a Frog den, and wind up with a long tongue dragging them to their doom.

Frog, Giant

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