“Thank god we ended the menace this cannibal wreaked on society. We’d better get out o-”

An anonymous adventurer’s final words, which were cut off after the cannibal rose again whilst he wasn’t paying attention

Ghouls pose a constant threat to civilised society. Their ravenous hungers can never be fully slaked, and the only thing that provides any kind of satisfaction to ghoul hunger is the flesh of intelligent humanoids. Worse still, their unholy powers provides them with the ability to hunt and kill with horrific ease, their mighty talons enabling them to scale walls in moments, and these same claws drip with the most virulent of poisons known, able to incapacitate those who prove resistant to physical injury.

Of course, these physical characteristics are not the most terrifying thing regarding Ghouls – Nor is it the fact that if left without food for long enough, their ravenous hunger transforms them into even stronger forms. No, it is the simple fact that they were once ordinary people, turned to cannibalism through desperate need, personal madness, or group rituals. They rose on death, refused a peaceful death by their own sins, through the dark works of the Ghoul God, Doresain. It is this, that makes ghouls a true terror on the world – The fact that they were once part of this world, and anyone, absolutely anyone, from the most humble beggar to the wealthiest noble, could come back from the grave to hunt again.

However, the majority of the threat that ghouls pose comes only if one is taken by surprise by them. In single combat, they are easily bested. As such, a ghoul sub-species arose to deal with such issues in ghoul groupings – Enter the Ghast.

As it is known, Ghouls are driven by their unending hunger for humanoid meat. However, there are cases where Ghouls are unable to obtain such meat, and great lengths of time. Strangely enough, Ghouls, despite being undead, can “Die” of hunger, as they are eaten away from the inside at the dark force that sustains them. Sadly, if it were possible to simply starve out Ghouls, then the world would be a far easier place to live in. As Doresain would have it, Ghouls do not go down that easily. Ghouls who do succumb to their infinite hunger, after “Dying”, return, now animated almost entirely by this dark force that initially raised them, and eventually killed them. Their natural gift for stealth remains, yet their bodies are greatly physically enhanced, their once human(oid) muscles now grown greatly in size, their unearthly claws enlarged greatly, and their physical size is much greater too. Yet, with this now even greater hunger, the Ghast (as Ghouls who fall to their hunger are known as) becomes even more feral than before, if that is deemed possible. They become increasingly violent, able to literally tear the most observant and well prepared adventurer in half with little ease. It is not their way to slink in the shadows, but to charge their foes in clear sight, howling madly as they froth at the mouth with anticipation of the feast to come. As this battlelust and hunger consumes them, they quickly lose what is left of their minds, until they are rumoured to enter an even more terrifying form. What beast dwells beyond the Ghast, none dare to think of.


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