“Stupid Kobolds! Thinking I’d fall for a simple trap like thaaaargh!”

Anonymous Adventurer, who assumed he had outsmarted a Kobold.

Kobolds are small, ugly looking reptilian humanoids about the same size as a goblin. They operate, like Goblins, in clans ranging from a few-dozen Kobolds, to literally thousands in number. Thankfully, these largest of clans are rarely seen gathered in one place at once. Instead, bands of about a hundred Kobolds tend to live together in interior locations, be it a cavern system they dug themselves, or someone’s ruined manor house – As long as they have a clear view of the area around them, and there is plenty of room for their favourite things in life – Traps.

Not content with simply living in a place, Kobolds find the irrepressible need to rig up seemingly every conceivable spot room with hidden pits, arrow-slits, falling objects, and anything else their mildly demented minds can come up with. Some of the most inventive Kobolds are even hire out their services to other groups, providing “Absolute security”, places so deviously rigged up with, none can enter without knowing the perfect way across. This may technically include those hiring them, so complex and ridiculous their schemes can get if someone lets them get carried away. Chances are, Kobolds will get carried away. There is even rumour of a city where an entire acre of land has been lost to the madness that is Kobold engineering, after someone foolishly hired Kobold architects to create a “military training ground”.

It is within these huge and nonsensical mazes of death that Kobolds often hide their most valuable treasures – Themselves. The Kobold sense of self-preservation is absurdly high, many of them living by the maxim of “Who wants to die today, when you can live and fight another day?”. Kobold society is led by a Chieftain and a Shaman, and their respective council of Kobold elders, some of whom are over thirty years old. Chieftains often lead raiding parties (from the rear, where possible) in the more feral Kobold clans, whereas in the civilised Kobold clans, they take the role of more diplomatic leaders. Shamans provide spiritual guidance through the medium of burning things and making something up about what they see. Though comical to an uneducated observer, if the Shaman declares something, it is to be followed at all cost by all of the Clan. One famous Kobold clan ended up with an entire generation of one-eyed Kobolds after the Shaman made a bad decision.


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