“We’ve got him unarmed and tied up in this room. Come on, I’ll show you.”

The last words of a person who seriously underestimated the sheer brute strength of an Ork.

Orks are possibly one of the most savage and brutal races known to civilised people. Growing on a constant diet of war, the Ork race continues to be possibly the biggest (and most well known) natural threat to civilisation. The common Ork stands about as high as an ordinary person, and those that survive harsh battles are known to grow even greater – Ork veterans who took part in the final fall of Arkhosia were said to be almost three times taller than the beleaguered defenders.

Their muscular build is said to be one of the most resilient in the known world, with Orks that have had limbs removed able to simply stitch their limbs back on, and continue to fight. There have been reports where an Ork, having had his head cut off, has continued to fight on, his head still quite alive. After the battle’s conclusion, a survivor claimed to have seen their so-called “Medics” stitch Ork heads back onto headless Ork bodies, and those very Orks simply got back up again post-operation, looking bewildered, but very much alive. Their body is heavily scarred, from a lifetime of constant combat, as no Ork finds themselves able to resist the lure of the heady rush of charging into battle, screaming at the top of their lungs and cleaving their brutal weaponry through whatever foe should stand before them. An Ork’s face has two beady, bloodthirsty red eyes, and a huge jaw, which their great fangs jut out of, some such teeth as long as four inches in length.

The Orks, on the occasion that they should take the time out to actually talk, tend to speak in a low, gruff, guttural voice, interspersed with sporadic curses and insults. Their faces contort as they seemingly undergo great effort in order to form words and sentences, as the average Ork is anything but intelligent. It is said that if you stare an Ork in the eye, you can view pure rage and aggression, such is the nature of the beast; As such, most attempts to parley with an Ork have ended with the untimely demise of the foolish diplomat, their heads often decorating Ork war banners.

Ork culture is one obviously marked by violence, as the strong lead the weak, and the weak bully those even weaker. The biggest, strongest and most violent of an Ork tribe is known as a “Warboss”, a title which holds ultimate respect from a fellow Ork, assuming they don’t seek to take that title. Below Warbosses are the Ork “Nobelz”, who get to keep their own personalised equipment; They are often seen with one of their beloved axes or crossbows, with kill markings engraved all the way down the side of the weapon. Then, beneath them, are “Boyz”, ordinary Orks who content themselves with a lifetime of murder and mayhem. Orks see Goblins as a sort of “Little Cousin” and have a tendency to pick on them, use them as servants, and so on.

Within Ork society, there are a number of specialised roles beyond the basic tiers of Ork; These Orks are known as “Weirdboyz”, those who, for some strange reason, find enjoyment in things other than the fine art of tearing off heads. “Pigdoks” tend to the many animals Orks keep, “Painboyz” are masters of the Ork physique, crude medics who burrow into their patients bodies with far too much enthusiasm, “Merkants” being the few Orks who can hang onto enough items to sell to other Orks, and finally “Forgaz” being Orks who have an innate sense of metalworking, and craft the many crude but deadly weapons Orks desire. Orks use teeth as a form of currency, shunning the coins and gems preferred by most civilised folk. As their teeth grow rapidly, no Ork is poor for any period of time, and if an Ork truly requires money immediately, then they most often will simply punch it straight out of another Ork’s head. Those few brave non-Ork souls who enter an Ork settlement had better back it up with a suitable amount of teeth, or had otherwise prove themselves to be true “Ork Couzinz”, those who have the soul of an Ork but lack the body, lest they be hacked to death whilst no-one pays attention.


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