“Jim doesn’t like this.” – A famous wizard, upon watching his dwarf friend fall into a pit. Rats soon followed.

Rats. No-one seems to like rats, and for good reason – The vermin tend to bring pestilence, illness, and far worse besides. Yet they hardly pose much of a threat to an adventurer, short of eating some of their rations. And yet, what is laughable individually, tends to become far nastier when massed into a great horde, and the same is true for rats.

Coming on in a great ball of fur and fangs, rat swarms are one of the most irritating pests an adventurer can face. The creatures have a bad habit of swarming over anything they see, so woe betide the person who trips over and winds up prone near a swarm. Worse, they carry all the same diseases and pestilences that an individual rat carries, except there is now far greater numbers of of the carriers, and hence, a far greater risk of being infected by some kind of horrible disease. Adventurers would do well to cover any chinks in their armour whilst facing a rat swarm, lest they become swarmed and infected by something foul.

However, the strangest thing about the rat swarm is the simple fact that these otherwise timid animals are somehow driven into a murderous frenzy when in sufficient numbers. They are still rats – Still squishy, cowardly, and relatively unintelligent. Yet they are somehow working together, as a team, against whatever adversity they see. No-one truly understands why rats swarm into such great numbers, and those few who can train them to do so are unlikely to reveal the tricks of their trade to any other than their own kind ( Kobolds being the most well known to domesticate such creatures on large scales), and thus, rat swarms shall most likely forever maintain themselves as a confusing mystery to all.

Incidentially, Roger knows just how much fun one can have with rat swarms if one pre-empitively sets them on fire. The answer is not much, as they have a bad habit of going into a death-frenzy until the rats flee.


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