The Goblin King (Of Arkhosia)

A Tragic Hero of The Goblin Kingdom


The Common Arkhosian’s View

A ferocious crime lord, the Goblin King is responsible for much of the grief experienced by the people of Arkhosia. Taking residence in a large mansion near the populated section of Arkhosia, he organises attacks and thefts with other goblins against the people. He also has an allegience with a goblin warlock, who supplies the goblins with knowledge of the dark arts, such as techniques of resurrection and curses. With the help of the spirits of the former residents of the mansion who had been affected by the Goblin King’s curse, and a couple of corpse bombs orchestrated by Roger and Vozerlet, the party stormed the mansion, intent on taking his head. With a final blow at the hands of Fir’nae, the Goblin King has breathed his last breath.

The Goblin’s View

The Goblin King of Arkhosia, Ter’fol The Third, was a successor to the Goblin Kingdom that was carved out somewhere in Arkhosia. A relatively successful ruler, Ter’fol led the goblinoid tribes to a new era of prosperity, with organised pillaging, controlled murder, and pre-planned arson. He was most famous for brokering peace between the Bloody Hand and Crimson Skull tribes, an act done by simply reminding them both of how much more they hated Gnomes than they hated each other, an act which resulted not only in the truce between the two tribes, but a huge increase in the amount of Gnomish prisoners in the ever successful slave trade.

Ter’fol was married to Flek’nak, with whom he had two children – Dol’pursck, who is the successor to the throne, and Marik’naj, who is said to be the most beautiful Goblin woman in Arkhosian history. They lived in a modest house, as those who knew Ter’fol would have described him as one of the most humble Goblin Kings of recent Arkhosian Underwprld history. Loved by the people, Ter’fol shall be mourned by his loved ones, whom many would say were not just his family, but all those who lived within his Kingdom.

The Goblin King (Of Arkhosia)

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